The Adams, Ronald and Jessica are a very simple bona fide couples from
 Boulder, Colorado, They had 9 kids.

The Adams decide to stop having children, so they went to a doctor to
make a Vasectomy to Ronald, after the surgery, the doctor asked them
what finally made them make the decision?

Why, after 9 children, would they choose to do this?

Ronald replied; that they had read in a recent article that 1 out of every
10 children being born in the United States was Mexican, and they didn’t
want to take a chance of having a Mexican baby, because neither of them
could speak Spanish !!


About Md. Alsanda

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3 responses »

  1. 5 in 2 stats are made up on the spot.

  2. RoSy says:

    (Laughing My Mexican Ars Off)!

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