One day Little Johnny’s teacher asked him a question;

If there are five Birds on a fence and the farmer shoots one,
how many are left?

None. comes the Little Johnny replied;

Sorry Johnny, but that’s wrong. Think again

None, miss. Johnny replied once again.

Could you explain please, Johnny? asked the bemused teacher.

Okay, agrees Johnny, he shoots one and there is blood and guts

everywhere. So the others fly off terrified.

Well that’s not exactly the answer I was looking for, the answer is four.
But I do like the way you were thinking. remarked the teacher.

Could I ask you a question, miss? asked Johnny.

Teacher; Certainly, Johnny. go ahead ask.

Three woman are walking down the road. One is licking an ice lolly,
one is sucking an ice lolly and the other is biting an ice lolly.
Which one is married?

The teacher ponders the question for a few moments then replies;
The one licking the ice lolly!  she answers.

No, said Johnny, The one wearing the wedding ring.

But I do like the way you were thinking !!


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  1. BahHaha. I like her thinking too.

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