A truck driver stopped at a road side diner for lunch.
He ordered a cheeseburger, coffee, and a slice of apple pie.

As he was about to eat, three motorcycles pulled up outside.
The bikers came in, and one grabbed the trucker’s cheeseburger
and took a bite from it. The second one drank the trucker’s coffee,
and the third wolfed down the apple pie.

The Truck driver didn’t say a word. He simply got up,
paid the cashier, and left.

When he was gone, one of the motorcyclists said,
He ain’t much of a man, is he?

He’s not much of a driver, either, the cashier replied,

He just backed his truck over three motorcycles !!


About Md. Alsanda

Cry Alone : Everyone Feel Sorry For You ! ....................................... Laugh Alone : The World Thinks You’re an Idiot !......

6 responses »

  1. *insert evil laugh*

  2. There’s something about stories of cool-tempered revenge. 🙂

  3. --Rick says:

    Reminds me of the “Smokey and the Bandit” films where the truck driver gets in a fight with bikers, loses badly and ends up driving off with his dog, smiling as his truck crushes about a dozen or so motorcycles all lined up for him Great scene.

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