A friend asked a gentleman how it is that he never married ?

Replied the gentleman, Well, I guess I just never met the right woman,
I guess I’ve been looking for the perfect girl.”

Oh, come on now, said the friend, Surely you have met at least on girl
that you wanted to marry.

Yes, there was one girl, once. I guess she was the one perfect girl.

The only perfect girl I really ever met. She was just the right everything,
I really mean that she was the perfect girl for me.

Well, why didn’t you marry her, asked the friend.

She was looking for the perfect man, he said !!


About Md. Alsanda

Cry Alone : Everyone Feel Sorry For You ! ....................................... Laugh Alone : The World Thinks You’re an Idiot !......

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  1. pennycoho says:

    wow I’ve been on that bus too. lol

    • Md. Alsanda says:

      You know everyone looks for Miss OR Mr %100 Perfect witch never exist and days, weeks, months and years pass by, the percentage goes down and down to less than %50, the smart and lucky one follow his/her heart regardless of the percentage an d the FOOL who keep insisting on a %100 Perfect !!!

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