If you really love someone, You have to let them go.

If they come back, They are meant for you,

But if they don’t, Stalk Them !!


About Md. Alsanda

Cry Alone : Everyone Feel Sorry For You ! ....................................... Laugh Alone : The World Thinks You’re an Idiot !......

5 responses »

  1. pennycoho says:

    I guess I shouldn’t laugh, but darn it’s funny!

  2. pennycoho says:

    I can see it now, a character reminiscent of Humphrey Bogart (old detective movies) sitting behind the desk with a cigarette, leaning back in the chair and of course packing some heat, waiting for the next victim to come in so the “Stalker Detective” can stalk the “stalker”! I love it! 🙂

  3. pennycoho says:

    Sad but true. I’ll search around for one. 🙂

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