An American goes into a bar and sits down next to an English guy.

The American notices that the English guy has a huge BIC Lighter.

The American says, Wow cool lighter, where did you get it?

The English guy says, A genie granted me one wish when I rubbed this bottle.

Wow, says the American, Can I have a go?

Sure, Says the Englishman.

The American rubs the bottle and the genie comes out, You have one wish
Says the genie.

The American wishes for a million bucks, the genie grants the wish.

About 5 minutes later a load of ducks come into the bar, there are
thousands of them.

The American says I don’t believe this I wished for a million bucks,
not a million ducks.

The Englishman says Well do you really think I wished for a 12 inch BIC ?


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  2. I told this one at a social gathering last night (only to the ladies…!!!).
    They laughed their little heads off, and we giggled on for ages… 😉

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