Little Hedy is in line to see Santa. When it’s her turn,
she climbs up on Santa’s lap. Santa asks,

What would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?

The little girl replies, I want a Barbie and G.I. Joe.

Santa looks at the little girl for a moment and says,
I thought Barbie comes with Ken.

No, said the little girl. She comes with G.I.Joe,
She fakes it with Ken !!!



About Md. Alsanda

Cry Alone : Everyone Feel Sorry For You ! ....................................... Laugh Alone : The World Thinks You’re an Idiot !......

10 responses »

  1. boomiebol says:

    Haha naughty little girl

  2. I missed you! I had to look elsewhere for my ‘joke of the social Sunday dance’.. 🙂
    Here’s one I told:

    Question: How do you talk to a fish…?
    Answer: You drop it a line…. 😉

  3. Hee hee hee….errr ahhh I mean Ho Ho Ho LOL!!!!

  4. I really wanted to take that ambiguous “verb” as per its connotation. But I just couldn’t. lol

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