My sweet teenager Sarah called me.

Sarah; Hi Daddy, where are you?

Me; I’m at the Bank.

Sarah; Best No.1 Dad in the World, It’s your only lonely loving daughter,
(she wants something), I need few dollars (few = thousands) to buy the
new Galaxy Note 2, a dress and do my hair, I told you. (never did),

I love you very much Dad! ( I’m sure her mom, “my ex” told her No)
(last week, she said she was living with a Dictator) “Me” .

Me; Telling myself and thinking fast (you little sweet talker devil),
Then replied; Sorry darling, I meant I was at the “Bank of the blue River”

Care for fresh Fish !!!



About Md. Alsanda

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  1. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    l liked it a lot.Thank you for liking ( Authentic Responsibility ) best wishes.jalal (it been one year since your first like on my blog.)

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