In the customer service call center of a national pager company.

An angry man who repeatedly call and complained that he keeps
being paged by “Lucil”

He asked the operator to call her and tell her to stop paging him.
I can’t call her back, she never leave no number, the angry man said:

After the third call, the service rep. asked the angry man how he knew i
it was “Lucil” if she didn’t leave a number ?

She leaves her name, the angry man replied:

After establishing that the customer (the angry man)had a numerically

pager, the light bulb  came on.

How does she spell her name? the service rep. asked:

The customer (the angry man) replied:
” L-O-W C-E-L-L ”  !!

frustrated woman 457


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  1. Penny L Howe says:

    OMG, I know him! 🙂

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