My ex asking if she can still be friends after the break
up is like a kidnapper telling you to keep in touch !!

a Woman wants


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  1. It is quite possible to be friends with one’s former husband. It could mean however that your divorcing was a mistake.

    • Md. Alsanda says:

      Maybe but. a free ex. will be a lot better than a husband who thinks
      that he is in jail for life !! 😉

      • If someone is a toxic presence in your life, you don’t have a life. I was married and could not concentrate on my PhD thesis. So I had to ask my husband to leave for three months and when he returned, I had completed my thesis, which I do not think he really appreciated. If you are in jail, get out.

  2. I’m feeling this one, unfortunately. ha

  3. Md. Alsanda says:

    Free your husband and marry your ex.
    forget it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shoot them and marry your gay friend

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