A mother was walking with her daughter one day
The daughter picked up something off the ground
and started to put it into her mouth.

The mother stopped her and said she shouldn’t do that.

Why? asked the little girl.

Because it’s dirty. It’s been on the ground.
You don’t know where it’s been. It probably has germs.

The little girl looked up at her mom with admiration and asked,
How do you know so much?

Thinking quickly, the mother said, All moms know so much.
We have to. It’s a test for Mommy .
If you don’t know, you don’t get to be a mommy.

The little girl thought about this for a few minutes,
then her face brightened. I get it! she said.
If you don’t pass the test, you get to be a daddy !!!



About Md. Alsanda

Cry Alone : Everyone Feel Sorry For You ! ....................................... Laugh Alone : The World Thinks You’re an Idiot !......

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  1. RoSy says:

    Smart girl – LOL

  2. It’s good to see you back! 🙂

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