A husband and his wife decide to invite their preacher and few friends
to their favorite dish “country ham” next Sunday.

So the wife went to the store to buy some country ham for Sunday dinner
The wife said asked the butcher: I’ll have some country ham please.

The butcher replied: “Sorry ma’am we are all out of country ham, but we
do have damn ham.”

Her eyes got big and she said: Don’t you curse at me boy.

The butcher: No, ma’am. that’s the name of the ham.

The wife: I’m sorry”, Okay I’ll buy the ham.

On Sunday she made the ham for dinner. Her husband and the preacher took
one bite and said: This is not a country ham woman!

The wife: I know it’s damn ham.

Well that made the preacher very mad, but she explained that the ham was
called damn ham.

They understood, and the settled down.
One said: pass the damn ham, Another said: Pass the damn ham,
and another and another …

Their 8 years old daughter was in the next room and she heard everyone
cursing. She walked in the room slick and cool, sat down and said:
“Pass the damn ham and the f*cking potatoes” !!

family dinner table


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